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2014 - 2015

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Southeast Christian Church has experienced many changes in the past year! We have added several key staff in critically important areas, and rolled out a brand new look that mirrors the mission and vision of our church. We moved our staff offices into new facilities at The Solomon Centre (adjacent to our church building), freeing significant space within our building for ministry use. Our brand new student ministry center, three additional meeting rooms, and a 4,000 square foot counseling center are all wonderful new additions now located within The Solomon Centre. All of these changes increase our church’s capacity to grow and serve more people in numerous ways.

My favorite stories of change, however, come from the people who are a part of Southeast. Every week I get to hear the stories of individuals who are learning to walk with Jesus every day. For the past several years, we have focused on building a church of daily disciples: people who strive to love like Jesus every day. We believe this happens best through serving others while learning and practicing the truths of scripture. So many of you are engaging with God every day and experiencing life transformation that can only happen through a relationship with Jesus.

Our church’s ministries serve the spiritual, physical, and relational needs of so many people locally and around the world, all made possible through the significant financial tithes and offerings given by many of you. As you take a look back on the past year, please join me in thanking God for his blessings and the many ways he has worked among us and through us.


Phil Vaughan
Lead Pastor

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Over the last year we have seen so many connect through adult ministries, take the next step in their journey, and grow in their relationship with God and others at Southeast. In the next year, we are excited to build upon this growth in many areas, especially through expansion of our Marriage Enrichment ministry. Our goal is to help people experience the individual and relational growth that is vital to a thriving marriage. Through inspiring large group experiences, small groups and classes, and mentoring relationships with individual couples, we want to grow marriages strong enough to last a lifetime!

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The Care Ministry guides people through the difficult and often unexpected crossroad moments of life. Our Support Group ministries offered focused help to individuals and families facing unique challenges. We’re excited for another great year in the Care Ministry. We will expand ministry partner opportunities to better care for our congregation, and as always, we’ll continue to provide pastoral guidance

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We believe that we are called to “love like Jesus, where we live!” Whether we are loving like Jesus in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, places of work, or even as we travel across the globe, we know that each of us has been called to love, serve and give. Missions and Outreach helps the people of our church to engage in serving opportunities that meet very real, practical needs of the broken, the poor, and the “least of these” while sharing the love of Jesus in the process. Daily we see lives changed and people growing in relationship with God and with others as we serve and love like Jesus where we live.

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What an awesome year we had in Next Gen Ministry! In the upcoming year you will see some new faces! We are excited to welcome our new Children’s Pastor Timothy Booher who moved from California and Ben Patterson our new Middle School Pastor, who moved from Iowa. We are thrilled to see what God has in store for our Next Gen families this coming year!

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