Southeast recognizes that military personnel face many challenges as a result of their sacrifice, and one of these is finding access to quality counseling and mental health care. To honor the service of veterans in our church and community, we have established the Caleb Fund. Named after the courageous Old Testament warrior, the fund is made possible by the generous donations of our church family.

The Caleb Fund exists to provide reduced-rate counseling to military personnel from all branches, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves. Program funds are also available to immediate family of military members, who pay a high price during military service and whose emotional burdens often go unrecognized. Through the Caleb Fund, Southeast seeks to help program participants meet the mental and emotional difficulties caused by deployment, frequent moves, combat and traumatic events. 

To learn more about the Caleb Fund, to donate to the program, or to make an appointment, contact Counseling Center Manager Jason Bell.