Luke 10:25-37

25 A man who taught God's law stood up and asked Jesus a question to try him out. `Teacher,' he said. `What must I do so that I will live for ever?'

26 Jesus said to him, `What does the law say? What do you read there?'

27 The man answered, `You must love the Lord your God with all your heart. Love him with all your soul. Love him with all your power, and love him with all your mind. And you must love your neighbour as you love yourself.'

28 Jesus said, `That is the right answer. Do that and you will live for ever.'

29 But the man wanted to prove that he was all right. So he said to Jesus, `Who is my neighbour?'

30 Jesus answered, `A man was going from Jerusalem to Jericho. Bad men caught him on the road. They took his clothes and beat him. Then they went away and left him half dead.

31 A priest happened to be going down that road. He saw the man but he passed by on the other side of the road.

32 `A man who worked in the temple came along to that place also. He saw the man but he passed by on the other side.

33 `A man from the country of Samaria was going on that road also, and came to the place. He saw the man and wanted to share in his troubles.

34 He went to him and tied up the sores he had from the beating. He washed them with oil and wine. Then he lifted the man up and set him on his own animal to ride. He took him to the house for strangers. And he cared for him.

35 `The next day he gave two pieces of money to the man who was in charge of the house for strangers. He said, "Take care of this man. If it costs you more than this, I will pay you when I come back.'' '

36 Jesus said to the teacher of the law, `What do you think? Which of these three was a neighbour to the man who was caught by the bad men?'

37 He said, `The man who was kind to him.' Jesus said, `Go and do as he did.'

Pray This Week

Ask God to help you show his love to all people, especially those whom you find difficult to love.