You’ll get to be a part of some truly inspired worship. Most people will stand during the songs, but you are welcome to be seated if you prefer. We will display the words on the screens so you can follow along if some of the songs are new to you.

Prayer Time

Individuals with white lanyards will stand at various places around the Worship Center during our Prayer Time. They are available to pray with you about any worry or concern on your mind.

Communion or the Lord’s Supper

Bread and juice will be distributed in trays by our Guest Services team. We each eat and drink on our own after a quiet moment of reflection and prayer.

Gifts & Offerings

Right after Communion, offering bags will also be passed along each row. Those who call Southeast home place their financial gifts and offerings in these bags as a way of expressing gratitude to God for his blessings. As our guest, please don’t feel obligated to give anything. 

Children & Youth

Kids of all ages experience the love of Jesus in our Children’s programming during every service in age-appropriate rooms throughout the building.

Middle and High School Youth Groups are available during weekend services. Middle School meets Saturdays at 4pm and Sundays at 9am. High School meets during the 11am hour.

Reading & Prayer Guides

You’ll hear a clear and relevant message from the Bible, with practical insights that you can apply to your life. Every sermon series has an accompanying Bible reading guide. We invite you to invest five minutes a day reading the Scripture listed in the guide, an easy way to read the Bible daily and understand the context of the series.