Ethiopia: Julian Maestas

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Julian's Bio

Thank you for your support! Julian is now fully funded!

I've been attending southeast Christian Church for five years. I re-dedicated my life back to Jesus Christ 5 years ago, accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I was baptized. I've been on two different mission trips and the transformation in my life has been remarkably amazing. I am now attending Colorado Christian University, seeking a degree in Biblical Arts. My desire is to serve here in our community as well as in other parts of the world sharing the Gospel with people who have never even heard who Jesus Christ is or was.

Team Description

Southeast is sending a team of doctors, nurses and helpers to provide healthcare to Ethiopian missionary/pastors- most of whom have rarely seen a doctor. We hope to provide health screenings, deal with specific health concerns, educate about hygiene and nutrition and help set the course for on-going healthcare. 

Partner Description

Petros network is working to share Jesus with Ethiopia by planting churches and making disciples. Since 2010, 979 churches have been planted and 147,193 people around Gojo have committed their lives to Christ. 

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