who are the green berets?

Each week our Early Childhood ministry serves hundreds of children. We have been consistently adding new ministry partners to our team. On rare occasions, the perfect storm hits: 

  • a stomach bug wipes out a few scheduled MPs
  • an unexpected tragedy changes the course of someone's weekend
  • an unusual influx of people flood the church 20 minutes after the start of the service

The vast majority of weekends our team can cover such situations, but when we can't, that's when we call the Green Berets. This is a team of Ministry Partners who can step in at a moment's notice and jump into a room. Sometimes that means holding babies, sometimes that means leading kindergartners.

One thing it always means, no child at Southeast will ever be turned away.

It could be days, it could be months before you are called upon. But when you are called, you will make a difference!

Are you interested in joining this team?