Love Where We Live


Love does whatever it takes to multiply itself and
somehow along the way everyone becomes a part of it. 
– Bob Goff

Sometimes, when we text the word LOVE, our phone autocorrects to the word LIVE. Perhaps autocorrect is on to something with this irony: Loving and living go hand in hand, and perhaps they really should be nearly interchangeable.

Love comes to life when you give it away. We're a circle of people working to transform our community by loving the people around us, right where we live.

Imagine what will happen in our community if loving where we live becomes a part of the daily lives of every person in our community. We all have the ability to make a big difference by doing small things to show people love.

Love Where We Live is more than just a one day service event, its a movement.  A movement that could change our neighborhoods, our communities, our world.  Won't you join us?