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Les and Leslie Parrott indicate that the majority of couples spend more time and money on their wedding day than on their ENTIRE marriage (U.S. average = $26,444, not including a honeymoon).

Imagine if a couple started with a long-term marriage investment plan for intimacy! $26,444 for a wedding may sound high to you, but lets use that as a working number. What if a couple decided to spend half that amount on their wedding day and the other half on regular investments in their marriage? What if they spread $13,222 over the next 15 years? It would mean $880 per year to spend on marriage enrichment. That could include...

- Marriage conference - $75
- Weekend get-away - $470 (like this or this)
- Marriage enrichment book or resource every other month - $120 (like these)
- Meet with a counselor for a few sessions  - $190
- Build a new love song playlist - $25
- Attend a Married Life Date Night on Feb 5 - FREE! (here)
- Connect with a Marriage Mentor - FREE! (here)

Imagine doing that every year for 15 years…that would be a great start to a marriage! How about half that amount - $440 a year for 30 years!

A marriage investment plan, with a regular habit of connecting with your spouse, will help keep your relationship from drifting over time. Do you have a marriage investment plan for 2016? What is something that you could put on the calendar in the next month to build your marriage?

He Said/She Said

We asked Doug and Cathy (married 31 years): "How do you move forward after a disagreement?"

Doug: After many years of marriage, I have learned to be much more careful with my words when we disagree. We both have. This makes moving forward after a disagreement much easier. 

Cathy: The less arguments you have, the easier it is to move on from them. We have less arguments now, because we have learned that most disagreements are silly and don’t deserve what they take from our relationship. When we do disagree about the bigger issues, we tend to be much wiser about how we speak to each other; this makes it easier to move forward afterwards. 

Think About It -  How do you move forward after a disagreement?

Post It

Grab a sticky note, fill in the blank below, and put it in a place your spouse will find it (e.g., washing machine, steering wheel, bathroom mirror, etc.). Take a picture of the note and upload it to the social media outlet of your choice, and include #MarriedLifeSoutheast.

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2-Minute Vacation

During one meal this week, ask each other this question:

If you had $10,000 to give away, where would it go? 

Check It Out

The best gift you can give your spouse is a healthy you—healthy spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Consider exploring a new resource to invest in a better you.

Book Recommendation - Love Talk: Speak Each Other's Language Like You Never Have Before by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

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