Married Life: When Routine Trumps Romance

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When Routine Trumps Romance

by Les and Leslie Parrott

We all long for a lifetime of honeymoons–starry-eyed romance, long days on the beach, sleeping in, pampering, relaxation. The reality is, once newlyweds return from their romance-filled paradise, they step back into their daily routines, this time as a husband and wife.

The first year of marriage is an adventure, regardless of what each person’s daily schedule looks like. Maybe both spouses are getting up and going to an office everyday, or maybe one is working from home and the other traveling for a living. Combining the busy schedules of two different people equals a situation that requires intentional care.

Eventually, routine tends to get in the way of the honeymoon period, and some of the romance (and sometimes, a large part of it) that seemed effortless before becomes almost nonexistent. So what can you do when that happens? (Read More)

MARRIAGE Mentoring

Marriage mentors help couples learn how to navigate the journey of love for a lifetime. A mentor is not a couple with a perfect marriage, but a couple who is further down the road, relatively happy in marriage, and trained to invest in another couple’s marriage. Mentoring supports couples by:

  • Preparing - Helping premarital couples get a healthy start.
  • Maximizing - Helping good marriages become better!
  • Repairing - Helping struggling marriages find healing and hope.

Couples meet together for six to ten sessions based on a schedule that works for everyone involved. Mentoring is a great resource and very affordable. 

For questions, contact Mark and Laura Wildey. Both individuals must be willing to engage in the mentoring process.

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Each month, we highlight a couple we think has something great to say. We give them one question to ask each other. 

This month’s couple is Brittany and Jimmy Robertson. These newlyweds were married this past spring. We Asked Brittany And Jimmy, What’s Something Great You’ve Learned About Your Spouse After You Got Married?  

Brittany: He sings in the bathroom. He makes the bed every day. He has a lot more patience than I ever gave him credit for!

Jimmy: She doesn’t like yard work, but cleans inside the house all the time. Everything really does have a place. She plans every last detail and notices every detail (especially about my outfits/appearance). She dresses up for any occasion! 

Talk About It -  What’s Something Great You’ve Learned About Your Spouse After You Got Married?


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Making Time for Your US


During one meal this week, ask each other this question:

What’s the best trick anyone has ever played on you . . . or you played on someone else?


The best gift you can give your spouse is a healthy you—healthy spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Consider exploring a new resource to invest in a better you.

Great Book - Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking About Human Interactions by Roberta M. Gilbert


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