Great Date Guide #3 - Appreciation!

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You did it! You made the time to go out on a date. You could be spending time with people from work, with your kids, with (fill-in-the-blank). But you got crazy, you made time to be with each other, only with each other. You made time to have FUN with your spouse. Well done!  

Here are a few suggested ground rules to make the most of your time:

  1. Do not talk about money, kids (if you have them), in-laws or any other potentially relationally deadly topics. If this feels awkward, you are not alone. That is why you are doing this. 
  2. Reconnect 
  3. Recharge 
  4. Relax 

Get Ready

Ladies: Over the course of your date, you have to say “atta boy” three times.
Men: Over the course of your date, you have to say “atta girl” three times.

On the way to dinner, answer the following question: If you could switch with one famous person for a day who would it be and why? 

If you are using an electronic version of this date, you will need to print two copies of the final page. 

Go Out

Over dinner, each of you need to take turns filling in the following blanks by completing these statements. RULE: While you spouse fills in these blanks, just listen and learn only, no comments. 

Fill in the following blanks about your weekday:

  1. The toughest part of my morning is______________________.
  2. The best part my morning is______________________.
  3. The toughest part of my day (whether at home or at work) is______________________.
  4. The best part of my day (whether at home or at work) is______________________.
  5. The toughest part of my night is______________________.
  6. The best part of my night is______________________.

Tips on Tipping:

  • If you are in a tipping situation, make Jesus look good and tip well. 
  • If a comment card is available, leave positive feedback about your server. (If you pick up food at the grocery store, leave a positive comment at customer service.) 

Dare Me

RIGHT NOW, tell a total stranger, a friend, a family member, anyone, one reason why you think your spouse is so great. (For all you introverts, just post it on social media.)

Keep It Going

  • Date it forward by determining a couple you think would really enjoy this date and sending it to them. 
  • Each of you, on your own, should fill in the blanks in the letter shown on the next page and give it to your spouse at some point this week.
  • Share a fun dating couplie (selfie with two people) on social media by using #MarriedLifeSoutheast.


Dear _____________________, 

I get so caught up with all the things I have to do and be, I forget how much you have to do and be. Thank you for always: 





Love and __________________, 


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