Resources for Reflection

The following questions will help you engage and reflect on the passages of Scripture that you read as a part of your daily habit. Not all the questions will apply to every part of Scripture, and we encourage you to experiment with a few to figure out which questions are most helpful to you. Additionally, we’ve included a few book recommendations to help you with deeper Bible reading and reflection.

Paul’s Questions

In Acts 9:1-8, the Apostle Paul had a transformative encounter with Jesus while traveling on the road to Damascus. In verse 5, Paul asks “Who are you Lord?” In Jesus’ reply in verse 6, Jesus tells Paul that He wants him to do something. Keying off of this idea, some people have suggested two questions for reflecting on the Bible:

Based on what I’ve read:

  • Who are you God?
  • And what do You want me to do?

From Our Reading & Prayer Guide

What verse or thought stands out to you or draws your attention? Why do you think this might be significant to you today?

What does this passage reveal about God?

What does this passage reveal about you? How does it connect with your life’s experience?

How does this text speak to your relationship with God? With others?

How might you live or think differently because of this passage?

Adapted from The Fight by John White

Is there a warning for me here?

Is there a promise I can claim?

Is there an example for me to follow?

Are there commands I must obey?

Is there a sin I need to avoid or confess?

Is there some encouragement I can take to heart?

Is there a new lesson about God I can thank him for?

Are there words of praise I can echo?

Is there an experience described that has been true of me?

Books that help with deeper Bible reading & reflection

How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth by Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart

The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg

What the Bible Is All About by Henrietta Mears

An Introduction to the Old Testament by Tremper Longman III & Raymond Dillard

An Introduction to the New Testament by D.A. Carson & Douglas Moo

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