Breathing Room (Reading the Bible)

Introduction: 2 Timothy 3

In the hustle and bustle of life sometimes we just need space to take a breath. Just a little time to focus on what is important and what is a distraction. We call this “breathing room.”

Review it:

Stuff Peter said:

“These keystone habits help us to weather the storm.”

“His [God’s] posture is one of invitation. He invites us into relationship.”

“Do you have a date on the calendar to keep you motivated?”

Open it:

How do you study the Bible?

Do you like a specific version of the Bible more than others?

Explore it:

Have you seen a difference in the days you engage the Bible and the days you don’t?

How does the Bible help you to refocus during your day?

How do you deal with stuff you don’t understand in the Bible?

Get it:

Do you have a story about a time in your life that you were glad you invested in your relationship with God?

Have you ever used your knowledge of the Bible to comfort or motivate a friend or family member? Tell us about it.

Apply it:

Grab a reading plan or find a good devotional. Put it on the calendar and join in a r

Jason McBride

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