February 23, 2014

First Word

February 23, 2014

Introduction: John 5

The book of John is both the easiest and hardest book of the Bible to read. The author speaks plainly, yet pointedly. As we journey through this study say this simple prayer: God speak to me, because I am listening.

Review it:

Stuff Phil said:

“What if everything you need is right in front of you?”

“Jesus meets people right where they are.”

“Jesus invites us into a relationship that will change us.”

“If Jesus is who he says he is it changes everything.”

“If you are going to follow Jesus you need a plan.”

“Do you want to get well?”

“How come things come into view and we lose focus?”

Open It

Who is Jesus to you?

How did you meet Jesus? Tell us about your journey to faith.

Explore It

Take a moment and talk about Jesus’ encounters with the woman at the well, Nicodemus, and the man at the pool.

What is the most significant moment in each one of these stories?

How does Jesus meet these people?

Get It

How can we have moments where we meet people where they are in our lives?

Have you ever met someone who didn’t meet you where you were, but chose to judge you?

How about someone who listed and understood? How did that change you?

Apply It

This week have conversations with people where they are.

Jason McBride

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