May 11, 2014 (John 16, 2014)

Introduction: John 16:10-9

The book of John is both the easiest and hardest book of the Bible to read. The author speaks plainly, yet pointedly. As we journey through this study say this simple prayer: God speak to me, because I am listening.

Review it:

Stuff Phil said:

“Why this habit? You don't know what curve ball life will throw you...because you can't microwave spirituality.”

“Spiritual maturity only grows over the long hall.”

“The mistakes you are cleaning up in your own life are a result of spiritual maturity you lacked.”

“If you told us all the fine print we may have rethought will get worse before it gets better.”

“This side of heaven the pain is immense.”

“Jesus says, I'm going to send a piece of God, the Holy Spirit, and he'll be a friend to you.”

“The Holy Spirits job chiefly is to convince us that Jesus is who he says he is…”

“The end of the story is already written, so you know where to put your trust.”

“The Holy Spirit grabs you and says slow attention.”

Open It

What convinced you that Jesus is the Son of God?

How has the Holy Spirit Guided you in your life?

Explore It

How has your life changed since you began following Christ?

Do you think that a daily habit of reading your Bible and prayer will prepare you for the hard times? How has it helped you in the past?

Get It

When do you feel closest to God?

How do you prepare yourself to hear from God?

Apply It

Do you have a plan for making God part of your daily routine?

Jason McBride

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