John 20 (June 8, 2014)

Introduction: John 20

The book of John is both the easiest and hardest book of the Bible to read. The author speaks plainly, yet pointedly. As we journey through this study say this simple prayer: God speak to me, because I am listening.

Review it:

Stuff Geoff said:

“ It’s that moment of desperation that draws us in.”

“That moment in Jesus’ life [the moment of desperation] where he is in the grave.”

“Great stories don’t end that way [in desperation] neither does this one.”

“The central question of Christianity is not young Earth or old, dunk or sprinkle, or even if we should perform gay marriage. The central question of Christianity is ‘did the resurrection happen, and if it did, what does it mean?’”

“People die all the time for a lie…but people will seldom die for something that they know to be a lie.”

“If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead this is just a fable…if he did, he is God!”

Open It

What have you heard about the resurrection?

Why do you think the resurrection is important to the Christian faith?

Explore It

Do you ever feel like Thomas and need to see it for yourself?


Have you done your own research? -And if so, why do you believe the resurrection is true?


What does Jesus' resurrection mean for you personally?

Get It

What hope do you get from the resurrection?

Why or why don’t you believe the resurrection is more important than other issues of faith?

How does the resurrection connect with our sin? Eternal life? With our life today?

Apply It

Live like Jesus rose from the grave…


Jason McBride

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