Another Chance (August 30-31)

Introduction: Matthew 18:21-35

When we look back on a failed relationship. A job we could of have had…how do we make sure that next time isn’t like last time.

Review it:

Stuff Phil said:

“We have an incredible memory for when we've been wronged.”

“We live in an unforgiving world.”

“If you are refusing to forgive, you are carrying a weight you are not intended to carry.  When you choose not to forgive--to hold on to resentment, bitterness, grudges--you are imprisoned and tortured.”

“if we don't learn how to forgive, we will blow chance after chance.”

“Forgiveness doesn't mean: that what happened is okay, that someone is sorry/understands, that justice is forfeited, that all wrongs are forgotten.”


“Forgiveness means: that I am not owed anything, that I release your right to the debt, that I have decided you have no power over me.”

Open it:

How do you know if you have not forgiven someone?

Do you think un-forgiveness gives undeserved power to the person(s) whom hurt you?

Explore it:

How does this quote “Forgiveness says, I extend love and grace to you in spite of how you feel about me or how you wronged me" speak to you?

What does Colossians 3:13 say about forgiveness?

Are forgiveness and justices incompatible? Why?

Get it:

What steps can you take to make forgiveness a lifestyle?

How do you deal with the pain of your past and live a life of forgiveness?

Apply it:

Take time to recognize your pain and choose to forgive.

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States