More than Happy (Week 4)

Introduction: Philippians 4

Review it:

Stuff Phil said:

"What do you worry about?"

"Paul has the audacity to say, 'Don't worry,' (Phil 4:6).  Most of us would respond, 'Easy for you to say! I don't think you understand my circumstances…'"

"When I think Paul is being simplistic or trite, I remember that he wrote this letter from jail, awaiting his trial outcome, which probably meant death. Maybe, in his maturity, he knew what he was talking about."

"Paul tells us what to do:  Pray, ask God for what you need, thank Him for how he's taken care of you in the past, and His peace will come."

"Ask God for what you need--not what you want."

"Pay attention to your anxiety.  Are you worrying about something that is outside of your control?  Are you worrying about a problem that you can help solve?"


"Fear will not change the outcome, but it will steal your peace."  

Open it:

What is in your worry box?

Where have I let worry and anxiety take over my thoughts? 

What areas of my life do I worry about the most? 

 Are they in or out of my control?

Explore it:

How has God answered my prayers and petitions in the past?  How does it affect my anxiousness when I remember these times?

How specifically do my worries reflect lack of trust in God?  

Get it:

How does this quote speak to you: “Fix your thoughts on things that are true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, and gracious; the best, not the worst, the beautiful, not he ugly, things to praise, not things to curse.(Phil 4:8)"

Apply it:
How will you battle your anxiety this week?


Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States