More Than Happy (Week 1)

More than happy!


Introduction: Philippians 1:10

Review it:

Stuff Phil said:

“Big events in our lives bring a season of clarity as we are faced with our own mortality, and we re-prioritize.”

“How we spend our time and energy often does not match what we believe.  We find our selves distracted, looking for significance, hope and contentment in the wrong places--when it's right in front of us.”

“Paul's perspective challenges us to adopt a different perspective: "For to me, to Live is Christ, and to die is gain."  Whatever his circumstances, he has decided to live his life for God's purposes. “

“This life is but a glimpse--what awaits is far better than we could ever imagine or dream.”

“We have a tendency to drift.  As we make decisions that are about ourselves, we turn a little bit more inward.  As life becomes more about us, our anxieties go up, our discontentment grows, and we go to great lengths to avoid death.”


Open it:

Where do you tend to drift?

If you made a list of what matters most what would be on it?

What would you NOT want people to say about you at your funeral?

Explore it:

Have you ever had a clarifying moment? Tell us about it.

How is God at work in your life…even when he seems distant?

Get it:

What are some elements daily routine that when practiced, can help keep my perspective like Paul's?

How can I adjust my priorities now, before crisis hits?

Apply it:

What three statements do you want people to say about you at the end of your life?

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States