The Waiting Room - Daniel

Review what Phil said:

The waiting room is that place in life when it seems there is nothing you can do but wait. It is a time when we have lost control. It can be terrifying.  

Some of the questions asked in “The Waiting Room”:

  • Will she make it?
  • What kind of cancer is it?
  • Why is it taking so long?

The more pivotal questions are:

  • Does God know? 
  • Are my prayers reaching Him?
  • Does He care about this the same way I do?
  • Why doesn’t He do something?

If during these times we believe that God is absent, unfair or angry…it will impact our next decisions in a way that creates problems.

What we believe impacts the decisions we make. If we believe that God is with us, that He loves us, that He will take care of us and He is in control, that also will impact our next decisions.

God is SOVEREIGN.  This is foundational to His identity. He either causes things that happen or He allows them to happen.   We usually have no idea what God is up to in the big picture. When things seem out of control it is important to know that He is in control.

The problem is we live between the perfection of Eden and the Wonder of heaven.  This in between place is not what it is supposed to be and it is difficult to make sense of it. Sometime we just don’t know what to do in this in between place. 

This week focused on Daniel (Chapters 1-6 primarily) a man of God who was also living in confusing times.  God allowed things to take place that many would struggle with.  Why would God let things happen like He did?  Daniel is a great example for us of what to do when you feel like life is turned upside down and you have to decide what to do and how to handle the next decisions about how to live these circumstances and with people who are not like us.

Discuss It:

  • If you have experienced the waiting room, what questions were you tempted to ask about God or your circumstances?
  • Can someone give a summary of what happened to Daniel and his friends?
  • What were the concerns and issues that arose during the Israelites time in exile?
  • What do you notice about how Daniel and his friends handled themselves? 
    • How did they relate to those with authority over them?
    • What things did Daniel and his friends say or display about what they believed about God?
    • How would you describe their attitudes?
  • God is ALWAYS doing more in the waiting room than we are aware of.  How will remembering this make a difference?
  • Read Daniel 10: 12b- 14a : What is revealed that is a powerful insight for us?

Apply It:

  • When have you been in the waiting room in your life?  
  • Have you ever been in “exile” - a place where people don’t think the way you think or believe what you believe?
  • What have you learned from Daniel about how to relate to these people?
  • What would be some examples of ways NOT to handle these relationships and situations?
  • Did Daniel and his friends believe that God would make everything turn out the way they wanted it to?
  • What was their confidence and convictions?  
  • What do you observe about Daniel’s way of relating to those in authority around him?
  • What would be helpful for you to remember and consider during your future difficult times? 

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States