The Waiting Room - John the Baptist

Review It:

The waiting room is those uncomfortable places where we end up with difficult questions and sometimes difficult answers.  It is during these times that there is little to nothing we can do. We feel vulnerable because we have no control.  We don’t like having no control.

We have talked about Joseph and Daniel and their difficult times.  They both had good endings to their waiting room experiences.  A lot of waiting room experiences don’t have the endings that we desire and we struggle with that.  We pray and we hope that God will answer our prayers quickly and with the answers that we want.  What do we do when that doesn’t happen?

Explore It:

  • What do we know about John the Baptist? (Luke 3:1-6; 21-22)
  • What was Jesus relationship to him?
  • At the end of John’s life Herod threw him in prison.  Why was John in prison? (Matthew 14:3-12)
  • What questions and struggles did John have while in prison? (Read Matthew 11:2-6)
  • Do you think John should have known better than to ask if Jesus was the One?  Why do you think John asked if Jesus was the One?
  • What was Jesus’ answer to John’s question? Why would that not necessarily make John feel better? What did Jesus say about John’s life? (Matthew 11:11-14)
  • What do you do when Jesus’ answers don’t make you feel better?  What are your options?
  • Can you relate to John’s experience? What are some of those difficult times in your life when life is not fair and you have had questions about Jesus?
  • Are your questions the same or different than others going through dark times?

Apply It:

  • How does it help to know that waiting room experiences will come?
  • What should we rely on in the dark times of our own lives? What is necessary for that to help?
  • Do you think God would have been happier with John if he had not asked his questions?
  • Why does it make sense to lean on what you know versus what you feel?
  • If you ignore your doubts and questions and don’t seek God in the midst of them and afterwards what negative things can happen?
  • What healthy things can happen when you ask your questions and express your doubts to Godand work through both your feelings and questions?
  • How can we pray for you this week?

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States