The Waiting Room - Joseph

Review It:

The waiting room is that place/time in life where it seems there is really nothing you can do except wait.

Some people believe there are solutions to every problem but in reality there are some problems you just can’t “fix”. (Example: Health Crises, Some career, financial, marriage, kid, etc …situations)

Some things are directly related to your choices and somethings happen and you can’t “fix” or change them. Those are the times we are referring to when we say “The Waiting Room”. Those times when it seems there is nothing you can do.

What we believe in the waiting room:

  • God is absent
  • God is angry
  • God is unfair

Genesis 37 - Joseph - Look at this story from the perspective of the waiting room.

“The Lord was with Joseph” - Gen 39:2

In the waiting room:

  • God is with you
  • God loves you
  • God provides grace

What if you circumstance are not an indication of what God is up to?

Gen 39:21a - The Lord was with Joseph…and showed him his faithful love.

What if you choose to believe this and trust God in the middle of your pain?

Discuss It:

  • Have you ever experienced The Waiting Room?
  • What is so difficult during these times?
  • What do you remember about Joseph’s life?  Genesis 37:2-3, 22,26-27,36 and Gen 39:2,21
  • What words would you use to describe his circumstances? 
  • What do you think was his part in the circumstances?  What was out of his control? (Family tensions, hated, betrayed by those who should love you, accused falsely, abandoned, sold into slavery twice, imprisoned wrongly, forgotten)

Explore It:

  • In what ways can you relate to Joseph?
  • What do we tend to believe about God while we are in the Waiting Room?
  • What kind of questions do people ask during these times? Why? How helpful are these questions?
  • What are we/they forgetting or not realizing about God?
  • Read Genesis 39:2, 21 - What does it tell us about God?
  • If God is with us even in the prison of our waiting rooms what difference does it make remembering that?
  • How would it change your experience in the hard times if you understood that your circumstances are not an indication of what God is up to? God had a much bigger plan for Joseph but Joseph couldn’t let his circumstances change what he knew too be true about God.  

Apply It:

  • How would it change your Waiting Room experiences if you didn’t dwell on what you can’t change but instead remembered that God Loves you unconditionally, that He is for you, that He is with you and that He will provide justice?
  • What will have to change for you to hang on to the truth about God when your circumstances are hard and you don’t understand why you are going through what you are?

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States