Psalm One - Rooted

Review It:

In Psalm One we have seen that there are two paths that are very different. One path is the Blessed path, the happy path that leads to life, strength, fruit, stability, joy, and peace.  The other path leads to death, destruction, weakness, and withering.

One is like a tree planted by the water and its roots run deep and its leaves don’t wither and it is fruitful in its time. 

We need to examine the path we are on.  Where is it leading us?  If we continue on the path where will we be in 6 months, 2 years, 10 years, etc.?

Phil shared if someone asked him what they could do to change their life, the course they are on, he would say what this series has said.  Be part of healthy circles of relationships with people who help you grow, engage with Scripture, and heartfelt prayer. 

#GrowVember – Three commitments to grow:
•    Engage with Scripture reading every day
•    Reflect on what you read throughout the day
•    Discuss what you are learning with people in your life

The pattern that has been shared with us is to Engage with Scripture daily, Reflect throughout the day about what you have read and discuss it with someone else.  Write down a verse or passage and a couple of thoughtful questions.  Keep that with you or place it where you can see it to give you opportunities to think about it often.

Remember: When what you know doesn’t match what you feel, trust what you know.

Sometimes it works, but what about when what I feel trumps what I know? How do you address a gap in what you know? Most of the time we dig in and figure it out. We live in a time when information is highly accessible. What if the problem is with what you feel? How do you address this issue? Most of us just accept it.

We can make two critical mistakes with our feelings
•    We DENY our feelings
•    We are RULED by our feelings

The heart wants what the heart wants. That’s just how I feel! Like it is some objective, un-moveable truth.

This is the habit that can change all of that – Meditating on Scripture: Romans 12:2 – be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Transformed in our thoughts, logic, imagination, and will. Engaging both halves of the brain in Scripture.

Discuss It:

Those on the life-giving path are described in Psalm 1:2 - Those whose delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditate on His Law day and night.
•    What do you think of when you hear delight in the law of the Lord?
•    What helps to delight in the law of the Lord? What makes it hard?  
•    How does being honest about it help you?
•    For you, what does it look like to meditate on His law day and night? 

We have a tendency to focus on knowledge or feelings. The gap between the two is where we sometime get stuck. This is what John the Baptist faced when he found himself in prison. 
•    How/when have you experienced knowing the truth about God versus not feeling it?
•    What helped during those times?
•    What do we do when our feelings are so loud we can’t hear what we know and then we make bad decisions?

An excuse we sometimes use is “That’s just who I am” or “ That is just how I feel?”
•    How do we get life in balance between what we know and think versus what we feel?

Romans 12:2b challenges us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  That is our total minds both left and right brained.
•    Which side do you tend to lean into? 
•    How can you allow space to grow on the “other” side of your brain?

Meditation is key to having our minds transformed. 
•    How do we intentionally soak our thoughts and feelings in the truth of Scripture?

Apply It:

•    What are you willing to do to soak yourself in the Word of God?  What will have to be added to your life? What will have to go? 
•    Are you in life giving circles? What will you do to find those circles?
•    Who are you willing to talk to about what you are reading or thinking about Scripture? What keeps you from that?
•    How could life be different in 2 years if you start daily healthy habits now with healthy circles?

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States