Search For Wisdom

What is this about? 

Realizing we should ask for wisdom and not just live out of our limitations

Ice Breaker:

If you could win the lottery or have a wish granted by a genie in a bottle what are some of the things you would ask for or do with you winnings? 

Stuff Phil Said:

We should ask a particular question everyday and it would change our lives forever. 

We are trained not to ask questions. "Cognitive Shame"

·      Drives us underground

·      Rewards us for hiding

Our environments are structured around having the right answers not good questions.  

Not asking questions keeps us stuck, keeps us from learning and growing.

We need to practice saying, "I don't know"

The question we should ask every day is "What is the WISE thing to do?

Review It:

Read 1 Kings 2:1-4, 1 Kings 3:7-12

·      What does David want for Solomon?

·      What does Solomon ask for and why?

·      How does God respond?

Explore It:

·      When is it hard for you to ask a question?

·      Why is it so hard to ask? 

·      What are we afraid of?

·      What happens if we don't ask questions?

·      How do we get over those hesitations?

·      Is wisdom worth the risk?

That we do or don't ask -  tells us something about what is going on in our heart and in our minds.

James 1:5 - God invites us to ask for wisdom. 

·      What do we expect God's reaction to be?

·      How is His reaction different than some people's reactions that may have impacted us?

Apply It: 

·      How could this really change your life forever?

·      In order to start asking this question regularly in your life what do you need to realize?

·      Where could you post this question so it will prompt you to create a new habit? (Doors, walls, calendars, phones, alarms etc..)

·      If we don't ask the question what generally happens?

We have a big task as part of the kingdom of God.  People rely on us to make wise and thoughtful decisions. 

We must admit we don't know how to do what God gives us to do so we need to ask the question and not just rely on our own thoughts and routines. 

Shame started in the Garden of Eden and has been used to keep us away from God's best ever since



Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States