What is the Wise Thing to Do?

Review It: 

Phil revealed the big Question last week - “What is the wise thing to do?” 

He said if we asked this question everyday it could change our lives forever.

Steve helped us to see what Solomon’s life looked like and what we could learn from it because he was a guy who asked this question. (I Kings 4:29-31 and 5:3-4)

Steve talked about the Solomon’s desire to build a temple for God to dwell in and how the presence of God in the form of fire came down from heaven and hovered over the temple and then consumed only the sacrifice.  This foreshadowed the consuming presence of God coming down on us and mercifully consuming only the sacrifice, the Lamb of God and not us.

Steve gave us 3 things that we could do that would help us in our pursuit or desire to know what the wise thing to do is. He suggested that we should

·      Respond to nudges

·      Create Space

·      Seek Peace

Open It:

·      Who is someone that you have known that you considered to be wise? What was it that made them wise in your opinion?

Talk About It:

·      What did you think about the question when you heard it? Do you think it could really change your life forever?

·      Solomon was a man who asked for wisdom & God gave him more wisdom than any other. How much discernment did God give him? ( 1 Kings 4:29-30 )  Remember James 1:5 from last week God wants to generously give wisdom to those who ask.

·      Can you think of specific times you had no idea what door was best?  How did you handle that?

·      What does Steve mean by “respond to nudges”?

·      What does it mean to “Create Space”

·      Steve suggested we “Seek Peace” (see Philippians 4: 6-7)

o   How do we do that?

Explore It:

·      Have you had nudges that you did or did not respond to?

o   What happened?

o   How is this part of knowing what the wise thing to do is?

·      Have you found ways to create space in your life?

o   What did Solomon do to create space in the kingdom? (Build a temple)

o   Do you have ideas about how and when you can create     more space?

o   How important is “Space” to seeking the answer to the question: “What is the wise thing to do?”

o   What happens when there is no space?

·      What is the connection between seeking peace and knowing what the wise thing to do is?

o   When you don’t have peace what might that be telling   you? 

·      Steve illustrated the idea of living safely on the ground vs flying recklessly.  How is that a good illustration of living a life leaning into the wisdom of God vs doing it our way without consulting God and walking His way? 

Apply It:

·      Is there a time we might not want to know what is the wise thing to do?

·      If we responded to nudges, created space and sought peace can you think of any situations, decisions, relationships that might be different?

·      What can we do this week that will help?

·      What do you need wisdom for right now?



Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States