Hide It

Ice Breaker:

What is your favorite summer time activity?

Review It:

We all learn to hide and pretend from the time we are kids.  All of this practice of hiding and pretending is not helping us to grow.  It may help our reputation or standing in the community but it is time to pause and ask ourselves what is most important to us, actually growing, changing and being transformed or looking good, and feeling safe while we pretend and are not vulnerable, don’t risk someone knowing the truth about us.

Life in the kingdom is not what you think. Jesus is calling out to those listening.  Inviting them in to the kingdom of God but it is not what they think.

In order for them/us to enter in and participate in this kingdom, Jesus explains that things are different here . 

Talk About It:

I wonder what the people who heard Jesus talk, thought the kingdom of God was “supposed” to be like?

What do people think church is “supposed” to be like?

What do you think being righteous looks like?

How did the exercise Phil had us do with sharing our sins and struggles impact you?  

Explore It:

Read Matt 6: 1-8
Who does Jesus call out and for what? 

Hypocrisy is something the church is known for.  What does it mean? What is the problem?

Sometimes the church is known as a place that shoots the wounded what does that mean?

How many years do we go to church and keep busy in our Christian life and nothing changes? How can that happen?

How does what Phil said and what this passage say help us to live differently? 

Why do motives matter?

Why do we hide?  Why do we pretend?  

If we could become safe people for others to be honest about their sin, pain, struggles, what would have to change?  

If our “righteousness” was more private and less announced what would we do differently?  

Could the reward of secret acts of righteousness that God puts in your mind and you follow through on be a new way of living and loving and being? 

Could this be what kingdom is supposed to be like?

Apply It:

This week be willing to be more real with yourself.  Say it like it is.  What you are struggling with, what sin continues, what needs  do you have.  

Be real with God, bring it all to Him.  Know that He already knows.  He already loves you.  He just wants your walk in the kingdom to be awesome, freeing, fulfilling, loving and forgiving. Ask Him to open your heart and spirit to receive all of Him and His ways into your life.

Find a couple of safe people to be real with.  Start the journey in to the light and out of hiding.  

Do something this week that is generous, loving, kind and let it be a secret between you and God.  Will that be hard?   Why?

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States