The Call to Neighboring


Share about your neighborhood and the types of relationships that you have with the people who live on your street or in your building. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how “connected” is your current neighborhood?


PLAY VIDEO (optional): WEEK ONE - 

Immediately follwing video, please discuss... What was your big take away from the video? What stuck out to you? What did you like? What was difficult or confusing?


Be sure to read the passage before discussing

What jumps out at you from this passage? How does this story fit with the larger
context what Luke has written, specifically in chapter 9:51-56?

Do you have any “invisible” neighbors—people you know live near you, but you’ve never really actually seen? Do you think you are invisible to them as well? How does it end up like this?

According to Luke 10 that we just read, who was the true neighbor in the story? Why do you think has God placed you in your neighborhood? What about those that surround us—why are they there?

The mayor of a Colorado city once stated, “The majority of the issues that our
community is facing would be eliminated or drastically reduced if we could just figure out a way to become a community of great neighbors.” To what extent do you think this is true? Why don’t government programs alone solve the problems of society?

Luke 10:29 says this about the teacher of the law: “But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, ‘And who is my neighbor?’” In what ways do we attempt to justify ourselves in order to avoid taking the Great Commandment literally? In what ways are you tempted to make a “neighbor” into a metaphor?

What would happen if everyone made it a point to know and befriend their
literal neighbors?


At the conclusion of each gathering we will focus on making some commitments in light of what we’ve learned. Often groups lose track of time and end up rushing through the second half of the content. We strongly believe that these commitments are the most important part of this study. Note: If you only have time to do one section each week…do this one!

Go around the room and share what skills and talents your group possesses. Did you have any epiphanies as you did this exercise? What did you learn or feel as a result of doing this exercise?

Once everyone has a good understanding of the talents & skills present in the
group, spend some time dreaming about what God could do with your specific collection of talents, abilities, and personalities. What might we be able to accomplish together that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own?

Share one small “next step” that you feel God is calling you to take in the next
7 days.


God has given each of us unique skills, talents and abilities.

Take a minute to list all the things God has given you that you could share with others. Your list should include things you are good at and love to do! This can include natural abilities, learned skills, personality traits, hobbies, and resources at your disposal. Children can and should list things they are good at, even if it is coloring, making lemonade, or riding their bikes!


Take a few minutes to journal about your past experiences with neighboring. How do you think God might want to stretch you over the next six weeks?

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States