Neighboring - The Time Barrier


What was the “next step” you committed to the last time we were together? How
did it go?


PLAY VIDEO (optional): WEEK TWO - 

Immediately follwing video, please discuss...What was your big take away from the video? What stuck out to you? What did you like? What was difficult or confusing?


Be sure to read the passage before discussing

Do you associate more with Martha or Mary? If you were going to defend Martha in that moment what would you want to say?

Imagine yourself with the time it would take to be a great neighbor. What are the things you would have to sacrifice to make that a reality? Why would it be worth it? What could change in your life or in your neighborhood?

Think through the things you and your family are currently committed to: work, sports leagues, school, church activities, family time, etc. As you consider the issue of margin in your own life, what could you say “no” to, in order to spend more time in your neighborhood?


Take a minute to think about your neighborhood and specifically some of the neighbors you know.

What are some of the visible needs you see in your neighborhood? (Think about lawns that need care, weeds that need pulled, common areas that need attention.)

What are the needs in your neighborhood that you don’t see every day? (The elderly that need help getting around, the single mom that needs help, the kids that need a friend.)

In light of the skills & talents inventory that we did last week as a group, how could we go about meeting some of these needs, whether seen or unseen?


Look at your calendar and do an audit of how you have spent your time over the last two weeks. Reflect and journal on how well your calendar is aligned with your priorities.

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States