Neighboring - The Fear Factor


What was the “next step” you committed to the last time we were together? How
did it go?


PLAY VIDEO (optional): WEEK THREE - 

Immediately follwing video, please discuss...What was your big take away from the video? What stuck out to you? What did you like? What was difficult or confusing?


Be sure to read the passage before discussing

Put yourself in the shoes of the priest or the Levite. Do you think they were scared to stop and help?

Are you uncomfortable about spending time with anyone on your block? Anyone you would feel strange being seen with? Why?

Discuss the impact that the 24 hour media cycle has on your world view. What are you afraid of that you have only seen on the news?

What’s the worse case scenario if you engaged your neighbors? Does knowing them increase the likelihood of your worst case scenario?

Who do you think is scared of you? Why?

What do you think are the main reasons people are often afraid of their neighbors?

Do you have any fears or concerns about the people in your neighborhood?


Do the Block Map - Take out the block map and fill it in right now... just start with the names of your neighbors...

Go around the room and share how many of the names you knew? Did you have any epiphanies as you did this exercise? What did you learn or feel as a result of doing this exercise?

Identify one neighbor that you are going to pray for over the next week.

Share one small “next step” that you feel God is calling you to take in the next 7 days.


Journal about a time that you overcame a fear. What were the steps that you took or strategies you employed in completing that process? Would any of those strategies help you in becoming a better neighbor?

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States