Neighboring - Motives Matter


What was the “next step” you committed to the last time we were together? How
did it go?


PLAY VIDEO (optional): WEEK FOUR - 

Immediately follwing video, please discuss…What was your big take away from the video? What stuck out to you? What did you like? What was difficult or confusing?


Be sure to read the passage before discussing

Put yourself in the Good Samaritan’s shoes. What do you imagine were his
motives for helping the beaten traveler? Did the Good Samaritan gain anything personally by helping the wounded man?

Are you comfortable sharing your story and telling people about the impact Jesus has had on your life? When did you last share your story with someone? What makes it hard to do this?

In the book The Art of Neighboring, authors Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon write, ”We don’t love our neighbors to convert them, we love them because we are converted” (p. 102). What’s the tension in this statement?

Instead of sharing your story first, have you ever tried asking others about their story? How can you focus on listening and create a safe place for honest two-way sharing? 

What kind of questions help people share their story at a deeper level?
What’s the deepest moment you’ve ever had hearing another person’s story?


Do the Block Map - Write the names of your neighbors by listing out the names of the adults and children of the 8 closest houses or apartment units next to you and pay attention to the blank spaces. Go around and share how many neighbors you know by name and if you have made any progress since the last meeting.

Identify one neighbor that you are going to pray for over the next week.

Share one small “next step” that you feel God is calling you to take in the next 7 days.


Reflect on the tension between sharing your faith and listening to another’s story. Which one are you more prone to do? What it would it look like to lean into the one your least comfortable doing? What obstacles or fears come up as you think about this? What have you learned through this whole process? Take some time and write some things you’ve learned/are learning about neighboring
in general.

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States