A Better Me

Ice Breaker: What is something you would like to change in your life?

Review what Phil said:

We all want a better life and better relationships and better stuff. The question is what is the way, the path to a better life?

We often miss the way to a better life because we have heard wrong messages about life, love and God, and many times from the church.

The message is often:
1.    God is good
2.    You are bad
3.    Try harder

This message is messed up and keeps us from the best life.

Phil gave us a quiz to check ourselves.

1.    I believe that my behavior impacts God’s love and acceptance of me. Scale of 1-6
2.    Difficult circumstances make me question God’s love for me. Scale of 1-6
3.    I think God is angry with me because of past sins. Scale 1-6

Talk about it:

What does this quiz help us to see?

What is the problem with the 1-2-3?  God is good, you are bad and you should try harder?

Paul wrote this letter to help set some things straight. We also need help and we have things that need to be corrected or straightened out in our thinking and understanding.

1 Cor 12:31 (b) NLT    Paul says- Now let me show you a way of life that is best of all.

We need to pay attention to that message to have the best life.

Explore It:

1 John 1:4 (b) NIV      God is love
What would you or others typically say: that God is _______________
If God IS love it is really important that we understand what love looks like and feels like.
What are some of our ideas about what love is? 
Where do people look for love? 
What will people do to be loved?
1 Cor 13 – the love chapter tells us what love looks like. This is who God is. 
God is patient, kind, not angry, not keeping track of wrongs, etc...
Look through 1 Cor 13 and share what characteristics stand out to you today and why?

Apply it:

How is God’s love different than you thought?
How could knowing that God is patient with you, kind to you, protective and not angry, not keeping track of your wrongs make your life better?
What do you need to shift or change in your normal thinking about you, God, and how to have a better life?
If you think God is unkind, impatient, keeping track of your wrongs etc….are you likely to come to God or avoid Him?

John Bryan Smith said that he believes that we must know we are unconditionally loved and accepted by God before we can deal with the issue of our sin.

What difference does it make if we know we are unconditionally loved and accepted?  

How would this impact how we think about our part versus God’s part in dealing with our sin? 

Instead of avoiding God and trying harder, what should you do? 

Jason McBride

Southeast Christian Church, 9650 Jordan Road, Parker, CO, 80134, United States