Finding Hope-Part VI

Series: Finding Hope

Title: Part 6 - Life-Savers

Date: May 27/28, 2017

Speaker: Geoff Surratt


Big Idea:

The life of the apostle Paul - the man who went from killing Christians to planting churches - reminds us that there is hope for everyone. Followers of Jesus get to partner with God in this life-saving mission that’s available to everyone, and in his message this weekend Geoff pointed out five important rules of life saving: 1) No one is beyond saving, 2) Get comfortable being uncomfortable, 3) Accept people where they are, 4) Never give up, and 5) You may not see the end of the story.

Passage: Acts 9:1-31

Discuss It:

Read Acts 9:1-6- Rule #1: No One Is Beyond Saving

1.    How would you describe the most intimidating person you know?

2.    What was your conversion experience like?

Read Acts 9:10-19 - Rule #2: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Rule #3: Accept People Where They Are

3.    Ananias had every reason to despise Saul. What do you notice about the way he speaks to Saul?

4.    How would you respond to the idea of God’s grace being extended to someone who has personally harmed you or your loved ones?

5.    In his message, Geoff said, “You’re never going to debate someone into followinNog Christ. We can only love people into the kingdom.” Why are experiences of love and acceptance more compelling than even the most well-reasoned arguments?

Read Acts 9:19-25 - Rule #4: Never Give Up, and Rule #5: You May Not See the End of the Story

6.    Saul’s transformation occurred almost instantaneously, yet he would go on to spend his life teaching about Jesus in the face of intense rejection. What do you think gave him the ability to stay the course? What can we learn from this?

7.    Geoff shared the story of the women who shared the Gospel with his grandparents, resulting in generations of belief in Jesus and church leadership that those women never lived to see. How has your life been impacted by the legacy of someone in a previous generation?

8.    Who is the person in your life who you would most like to see become a follower of Jesus? Pray as a group for these people.

Apply It:

●      What is the one thing you need to take away from this study?

●      What will help you remember it?

●      Is there anything that needs to change in your thinking, actions, or relationships as a result?