Finding Hope-Part III

Series: Finding Hope

Title: Part 3 - Better

Date: May 6/7, 2017

Speaker: Steve Garcia


Big Idea:

Though it may be difficult for us to see from our limited human perspective, God is always up to something better in the world than we could arrange for ourselves. We can gain better perspective when we trust that...

1.      God’s answer is always better

2.      God’s timing is always better

3.      God’s impact is always better

Passage: Acts 3

Discuss It:

1.    Read Acts 3:1-10. If a stranger were to ask you for a handout, what would you most likely do? Why?

2.    What do you remember about a time when you were very sick or hurt?

3.    Steve pointed out that the crippled man in the story did not get what he asked for (money), he got something much better (healing). Have you ever experienced an outcome that was far greater than what you expected or imagined?

4.    In difficult times, how easy is it for you to trust that God truly has your best interests in mind?

5.    Looking back on past seasons of life, is there anything you prayed for that you are now glad you did not receive?

6.    Read Acts 3:16. What do you think is the significance of the mention of Jesus’ name with regard to the man’s healing?

7.    Read Acts 3:17-26. The occasion of the crippled man’s healing becomes an opportunity for the apostles to preach the gospel to a large audience. What has God done in your life (or maybe currently doing in your life) that you could use to point people to Jesus?


Apply It:

●      What is the one thing you need to take away from this study?

●      What will help you remember it?

●      Is there anything that needs to change in your thinking, actions, or relationships as a result?