Series: Touch the Sky
Title: Part 2 - The Lord’s Prayer
Date: June 10/11, 2017
Speaker: Steve Garcia

Big Idea:
Jesus modeled for his disciples how to pray, and his prayer centered around the idea of praying for God’s will to be done. This could seem odd at first glance… why pray that God would do what he was going to do anyway? Steve showed that power of praying this way is that it brings our plans into alignment with God’s purposes.

Passage: Matthew 6:9-13

Discuss It:

  1. What is one of your biggest answers to prayer and/or what is one of your most recent answers to prayer?
  2. Read Matthew 6:9-13. What does it mean for you that God is “Our Father”? Is the image of father a positive one for you?
  3. Verse 10 reads, “... your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” How would you describe the kingdom of God? What comes into your mind when you hear the phrase?
  4. In his message this past weekend Steve said, “Prayer aligns our plans with God’s purposes.” He went on to say that God doesn’t have one particular plan for your life, but rather desires that you align your plans and efforts with his purposes. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Why does it matter?
  5. Have you ever come to a realization that your life had drifted from God’s purposes? How did you know? What did you do about it?
  6. Why does Jesus pray “Give us today our daily bread?” How can you consider this an invitation to a different or deeper life with God?
  7. How would you put the final three petitions of the Lord’s Prayer (Forgive us our debts; Lead us not into temptation; Deliver us from evil) into your own prayer? Why is it important to pray these three things regularly?
  8. How might praying the Lord’s Prayer mature us more fully into his children?

Apply It:

What is the one thing you need to take away from this study?

What will help you remember it?

Is there anything that needs to change in your thinking, actions, or relationships as a result?