No Place Like Home - Part IV

Series: No Place Like Home
Title: Part 4 - Commitment
Date: September 2/3, 2017
Speaker: Geoff and Sherry Surratt


This week as we wrapped up our No Place Like Home Series, Geoff and Sherry Surratt taught about the six things children need consistently to grow into healthy adults. The great news is that it’s never too late to begin investing in these six things with your kids, even if they’re grown. And even if you don’t have children of your own, all of us have the opportunity to invest in the lives of children in our communities.

Passage: Luke 2:10-19


  1. Fall is a season where life seems to get back to normal after the activities of summer. What are you looking forward to about this fall? Anything you’re not looking forward to about the fall?
  2. In her teaching this past weekend Sherry mentioned several things that children need from their parents and loved ones. The first, #1 Love over time. Specifically, children need us to communicate our love for them through active attention and presence. What sorts of things tend to compete with the time and attention you could be investing in your kids?
  3. #2 Work over time. Through work, kids come to understand that God has gifted them with abilities and talents. What do you recall about your own parents’/guardians’ attitudes toward work? What perspective on work do you think your kids glean from watching you?
  4. #3 Stories over time. Kids need to hear the authentic life stories and experiences of the adults in their lives. What stories or life lessons have shaped you that you could share with a child?
  5. #4 Tribes over time. Every parent eventually comes to see the limits of their influence in their children’s lives. When children see themselves as part of a larger tribe (ie., a small group, a church), they have other adult voices speaking into their lives to complement what their parents teach. What children other than your own do you know who might see you as part of their tribe? What might they need to hear from you?
  6. #5 Fun over time. As adults we can find it easy to invite kids into activities we personally enjoy, but Sherry taught that real connection is built when we step into the things that they enjoy. What do the kids in your life enjoy doing that might be challenging for you to enjoy?
  7. Read Deuteronomy 6:1-8. The final thing Sherry mentioned, #6 Words over time. Sherry mentioned four strategic times that parents can use to have important conversations with children: morning time, meal time, drive time, and bedtime. How do you (or how might you) use the rhythms of the day to speak intentionally with your children?
  8. Lots of parents feel that in spite of doing these things consistently, things haven’t turned out the way that they hoped for their children. So Geoff reminded us that another thing we need is hope over time. Often we can only see God’s providence in our lives in retrospect. How can we communicate hope to the people in our lives who need it?


  • What is the one thing you need to take away from this study?
  • What will help you remember it?
  • Is there anything that needs to change in your thinking, actions, or relationships as a result?