Audio/Video Tech

Preschool: Audio/Video

Mix sound for preschool programming. Advance videos, lyric, and message slides. Turn on all the audio & video equipment. Set up microphones for use during the preschool programming. Communicate and work alongside Next Gen Preschool staff.


SATURDAY: Set Up at 3:00pm and serve thru 4:00pm service. SUNDAY: Set Up 8:00am and serve thru 9:00am service. Set up at 10:00am and serve thru 11:00am service. Serve at all 3 weekend services, 1 to 2 weekends per month.

Training & Qualifications

Soundboard mixing experience is preferred. Basic understanding of Mac computers and various video equipment is helpful. Training will be provided. Ability to understand and work with different personalities and temperaments. Ability to receive and follow instruction.Must have an eye for creative excellence! Must be able to work well with a team, and be positive, cooperative, self-motivated, courteous, and have a positive attitude!

Next Steps

Contact Shel Dammann to learn more and get started.

Mitch Bolton

Mitch Made, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mostly wonderful.