Video: Graphics

Operate Graphic Station during weekend services. Advance video, lyric, message and various slides and to enhance audience participation. Training will be provided.


Saturdays:Set Up at 2:00pm, Run-Through at 3:00pm, Service at 4:00pm. Sundays:Set Up at 8:00am, Services at 9:00am and 11:00am. For consistency, we ask that you serve at all 3 services. Serve 1 to 2 weekends per month.

Training & Qualifications

Ability to understand and work with different personalities and temperaments. Ability to receive and follow instruction. Must have an eye for creative excellence and be able to work as a team member. Must be positive, cooperative, self-motivated, and courteous, along with maintaining a professional attitude. Basic understanding of Mac computers is helpful. Attention to detail and staying focused.

Next Steps

Contact Jeff Spille to learn more and get started.

Mitch Bolton

Mitch Made, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mostly wonderful.