Production Team

Production Team

Southeast produces a lot of the print materials that you receive in a high-quality production room. Using production-class copiers, folders, binders, and cutters, you’ll produce printed tools and resources to support our ministry and events.


Weekly Team: 1-2 hours each week. Wave Team: 2 hours over one day.

Training & Qualifications

No experience? No problem! We’ll train you on how to use any piece of equipment in the room. Ability to stand while working. Most of the work is done around standing equipment and counter-tops. Flexibility. Understand that, at times, the work load will vary and we may not be able to give much advance notice about when you are needed or not needed.

Next Steps

Contact Christy Schultz to learn more and get started.

Mitch Bolton

Mitch Made, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mostly wonderful.