Why Southeast?

Parents who choose Southeast tell us that they came to our school for some of the following reasons:

  • Christ First
    Academics are only 1/3 of learning. Character development and social growth based on the teachings of the Bible are the two other key components of Christian education. Our teachers are committed to bringing Christ into the classroom every day.
  • Academic Excellence
    We utilize proven Bible-based curriculum but believe more in doing whatever it takes for each child. Students who move on from our school tell us that they are academically ahead of their new classmates. Our grading scale is one of the toughest around.
  • Peer Values
    We have a reputation for some of the best behaved kids in the Denver area. No, our students aren't perfect, but over and over people tell us that having a school with a culture of honesty, kindness, and personal responsibility makes school safe and fun.

Additionally, parents who choose Southeast also tell us that they came to our school because of our:

  • Small Classes
    Smaller class size means that your child will get the attention he/she needs.
  • Caring but Firm Teachers
    Highly qualified, degreed Christian teachers will be educating your child. Firm, clear and loving discipline will be used to help your child grow in maturity.
  • Nearly 40 Years of Experience
    Southeast Christian School (formerly Christian Way School and Jordan Road Christian School) has served families since 1977. We have a proven record of success!


Ages 3-5 and Jr K
While parents are the primary educators, Southeast's preschool program partners with parents, providing age-appropriate activities that can be repeated at home.


Grades K-5
Our full elementary program brings variety and energy into each classroom as students and teachers get into the swing of education during the elementary years.

Middle School

Grades 6-8
With more responsibility around the school, sports programs, lockers and a departmental approach, Southeast Middle School students are prepared to succeed in high school.