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What do you do
when there’s nothing 
you can do?

Years ago, my wife Donna used the concept of a waiting room to describe certain seasons of our lives. About a year ago I heard Andy Stanley preach a series on the same idea. We’ll use some of his phrases throughout this series to help unpack this powerful metaphor.
– Phil

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On-Ramp to Connection

OCT 17 at 5:30PM | Your fun, first-step to serving at Southeast is On-Ramp! This starting point explains our vision of serving and gives you a chance to hear from our ministry teams directly. Don’t miss it!
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OCT 17 - 18 | We’re excited to celebrate baptisms on Decision Weekend! If you’ve been considering baptism, connect with us at the Welcome Center to learn more.
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2015 Everyday Man Conference

OCT 9 - 11 | At the 2015 Everyday Man Conference, several of our teaching team will talk about becoming an “everyday man” who walks with Jesus daily. Registration closes October 4.
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Thriving in Freedom

OCT 7 at 6PM | Hear personal stories of hope from survivors and learn more about human trafficking and exploitation in Nepal through the powerful documentary Untouchable: Children of God. 
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