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Read 1 Kings 2:1 - 4
Read 1 Kings 3:5-12
Read James 1:5a

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A Day’s Wages

May 2-10 | Here at Southeast, we are investing significant resources and energy into developing a new youth center for teens and large community rooms for adults at the Solomon Centre, just north of our campus. Please join us in building these life-giving environments by giving “A Day’s Wages” on May 2-10.

On-Ramp to Connection  

Apr 18 at 6 PM | Your fun, first step to serving at Southeast is On-Ramp! Nothing like what you’re used to, this starting point explains a new vision of serving and a chance to learn about ministry teams. Dinner is available for $3. Don’t miss it!

Men's Breakfast  

Apr 25 at 7:30AM | Wake up a little early on a Saturday and start growing with other guys. Connect with men you already know, or make some new friends over breakfast and teaching by Geoff Surratt. Register online for $5, and join us in Room 251.

Free Dinner for Parents of Children with Special Needs  

Apr 26 at 1:00 pm | Find encouragement with other parents who face the everyday challenges of parenting children with special needs. Hosted by Phil & Donna Vaughan, this free lunch is a great place to find encouragement and connection.


Apr 16 at 6:30PM | The Essentials workshop for April is a 2-in-1 workshop for moms. One track helps moms communicate better with their teen daughters. The other offers practical coping strategies for moms who have adopted.


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