When Wisdom is Applied Selectively

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What is the wise thing to do?

  • ASK
  • SURROUND yourself with people who will tell you the truth about you. 
  • Ruthlessly ELIMINATE pride

Read Proverbs 14:12

Read 1 Kings 4:20, 25a, 34

Read 1 Kings 6:2, 38

Read 1 Kings 7:18:12

Read 1 Kings 9:3-9

Read 1 Kings 11:1-3

Read Genesis 41:16

Read Proverbs 27:6

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A Day’s Wages

May 2 - 10Here at Southeast, we are investing significant resources and energy into developing a new youth center for teens and large community rooms for adults at the Solomon Centre, just north of our campus. Please join us in building these life-giving environments by giving “A Day’s Wages”.

VBS at Southeast

Jun 23 - 26 | Come one, come all to the Big Top for this year’s Over The Top VBS June 23-26 from 9AM-12PM. Kids age 4 through 5th grade will want to experience the Very Big Story. Invite your friends and register between April 6 and June 1.

Give Me a Break: Single Moms Event  

May 2 at 10AM | Being a single mom can be exhausting! You can find replenishment and connection at Give Me A Break, an event for single moms at Southeast. Register online by April 27 for only $10. Childcare is included.

Young Adult Worship Night

May 8 at 7PM | Are you between 18 and 29? Join us for Young Adults Worship Night at Kunjani Coffeehouse in Parker. Young people in every stage are invited to join us, whether single, dating, married, starting a family and divorced.

Thrive: Cancer Support Group

Apr 29 | THRIVE is a 6-8 week support group for all stages and diagnoses of adult cancer. Teaches coping skills to reduce anxiety, the group is a place for people to share common concerns.


Learn more about how and why to give at Southeast.

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