Handling Regret

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A Day’s Wages

May 2 - 10 | Here at Southeast, we are investing significant resources and energy into developing a new youth center for teens and large community rooms for adults at the Solomon Centre, just north of our campus. Please join us in building these life-giving environments by giving “A Day’s Wages”.

LIFT Wellness Ministry

May 7 at 6:30PM | Incorporating healthy habits into our busy schedules sometimes feels impossible. To make it easier, Southeast is launching LIFT Wellness Ministry for women of all ages. Join in Room 255 as we kick off a healthy summer!

Young Adult Worship Night

May 8 at 7PM | Are you between 18 and 29? Join us for Young Adults Worship Night at Kunjani Coffeehouse in Parker. Young people in every stage are invited to join us, whether single, dating, married, starting a family and divorced.

Get to Know Our Team

May 17 at 9AM | Connect with our team at Meet the Pastors, where you’ll learn more about our mission, vision, and ministries. We would love to meet you! 

Middle Summer School Camp

June 14–19 | Middle School at Southeast invites students entering 6th-8th grade to supercharge friendships and your relationship with God. You’ll get to climb, rappel, hike, and more. Learn more and register online. The cost is $340.


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