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Who is Responsible?

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Four Open Doors

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Men's Breakfast

AUG 22 at 7:30AM | Wake up a little early on a Saturday and start growing with other guys. Connect with men you already know, or make some new friends over breakfast and teaching by Jason McBride. Register online for $5, and join us in Room 251.

Get to Know Southeast

AUG 23 at 9AM | Come to Discovering Southeast, where our pastors will talk about Southeast’s beliefs, mission, and ministries. Sign up online today.

Adult Singles Retreat

SEP 11 - 13 | Attention singles from all walks of life! You are invited to join fellow singles for a time of fun, fellowship, and worship. Speakers include author Tricia Williford and our own Peter Barber. Cost: $120.

Growing with Reading & Prayer Guide

Each teaching series has a Bible reading & prayer guide to help you spend time daily with God. Take one from the seat backs or Welcome Center, visit our Reading & Prayer page to download a digital version, or subscribe to our daily readings email.

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Invite Someone to a New Teaching Series

Stop by the Welcome Center to pick up some invite cards to invite your neighbors to A Better Life.
SEP 13 - 14 | Join us for a three-weekend festival to discover how much better life can be. Each week you’ll have opportunities to meet new friends, enjoy new experiences and learn about new ways to live a better life. 


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