When ONE person does ONE small action to love someone, small results begin to happen. When EVERYONE does ONE small action, BIG results begin to happen. When Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God and to love your neighbor, he was asked, “Who is my neighbor?” At Southeast, we want to begin with our actual “next door neighbors.” Everyone lives next door to others, so everyone has the opportunity to “love like Jesus where we live.”

This month, join the ONE MATTERS challenge and keep track of the number of small actions you do to show love toward your neighbors. Each week, let's all sign our total number of actions on the block maps in the lobby.  Each of our small actions will add up to BIG results!


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  • Learn a neighbor’s name
  • Learn something you didn’t know about a neighbor (hobbies, where they work, where they were born, etc.)
  • Ask for your neighbor’s contact info (cell, email, etc.)
  • Make a contact list for your neighbors (names, emails, phones, address)
  • Become “friends” with your neighbor on social media
  • Text your neighbor to see how their week is going or ask about a concern they may have
  • Borrow something from a neighbor (and return it!)
  • Move your lawn chairs to the front yard and
  • Pray for your neighbors as you walk around the neighborhood
  • Find out how you can pray for a neighbor
  • Say “yes” when a neighbor invites you over
  • Have a conversation at the mailbox
  • Start a conversation at the local pool or park
  • Leave a note with cookies or flowers at a neighbor’s door.


  • Start a game of catch or kickball with your neighbor
  • Ride bikes with your neighbors
  • Play a game in the front yard
  • Share an afternoon snack with your neighbors
  • Offer lemonade in paper cups to your neighbors on hot days
  • Plan a play date or picnic at the pool