What is Lent?

Lent is a period of preparation leading up to Easter Sunday.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and continues for the 40 days until Easter, not including Sundays.  As often observed in Christian cultures, Lent is a time of fasting, prayer and simple living.  Typically, observers of Lent give up or fast from some physical indulgence for the entire 46 day period from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  This is done as a remembrance and participation with Christ in his 40 days of temptation in the wilderness.  

The decision to sacrifice, fast, and do without in a form of self-denial during the time of Lent is a way to imitate Christ, to walk with Him and to let the Holy Spirit transform.  The external practice of self-sacrifice is done with the hopes of creating an internal change within ourselves as we grow closer to Christ.  

As Thomas Merton so eloquently describes, "We are not converted only once in our lives but many times, and this endless series of large and small conversions, inner revolutions, leads to our transformation in Christ." 

We pray that you will join us on this journey through the season of Lent.  We will open ourselves up to the graces of God by surrendering small the things that may lead to big changes in our hearts and our souls.  As we walk together, may God reveal to each of us those things we are holding onto tightly and may we be an encouragement to each other as we wrestle to relinquish those areas back into the hands of God.  Our prayer is that we are not the same women come Easter morning that we are today.  Won't you join us?