"For many of us the constant onslaught of errands and duties may pile up until it becomes a wall between us and God. We do not consciously turn away from God.  Instead, we drift away, like ships without rudders, with no particular aim in mind. 

Therefore one thing we can do in Lent is to make a deliberate return.  

Perhaps what God is asking of us right now is smaller; a small surrender. But have we put even a small transformation out of our minds? Have we turned away? Have we stopped taking God at his word, or thinking of ourselves in terms of his covenant love?

I suspect that we are always drifting, putting space between God and ourselves.  John Henry Newman says, "We are ever but beginning....The most perfect Christian is to himself but a beginner, a penitent prodigal, who has squandered God's gifts, and comes to him to be tried over again, not as a son, but as a hired servant." This beginning again, this surrender, is one way to start living..."

Small Surrenders, Emilie Griffin