Blizzards of Grace

By Stephanie Schannuth

I've been on a quest for the past 13 months.  I call it my "Freedom Quest".  My performance-based upbringing has left me weary and wondering....If God truly loves me unconditionally and there's nothing I can do to earn my salvation with Him, then why do I still feel bound to this daily checklist?  And, what does it mean to really grasp His abounding love and live with freedom in Christ? 

God is slowly but surely peeling back the layers as He gently teaches me what it means to live an abundant, grace filled life.  As Emilie Griffith suggests, "We must admit our tendency to sin, reflect on our sins, and consciously dwell on our redemption." She's affirming that until we recognize our own sinful nature, we can't possibly accept the "blizzard of grace hovering over us, blanketing our transgressions and hiding the ugliness we're so ashamed of."  

"For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace" (John 1:16) This verse reminds us that there is grace where grace was already given.  Inexhaustible, for you.  And me.  We are loved more than we will ever discover.  The well of His grace never runs dry.

I love to picture myself running to God with all of my problems, wondering if He will restore me as His child and co-heir with Christ.  He is the father in the prodigal son story.... He runs out to meet me with a robe, a ring, and a party invitation.  May this image fill your heart with the longing to run to Him every morning. It's a small surrender to accept the possibility of this transforming power as we receive grace, little by little.