Something To Look Forward To

By Judy Creviston

The Easter season was always a special occasion at our house growing up, not only for celebrating Christ’s resurrection, but it was the one time of the year that we got new outfits to wear to church. It was also the ONE time of year that we didn’t have to wear hand-me-downs. In a family of five children, with parents and grandparents in the same household, our new outfit was always one that we carefully planned for and we had to be “thrifty” in purchasing. So, weeks in advance we shopped for patterns and fabric taking turns at the sewing machine to skillfully and carefully complete our masterpiece.

It was a joyous day to celebrate, create memories and look forward to.    

I still love Easter, but my reason for loving it has changed. It’s not about the outfit anymore. It’s about returning to Christ on a daily basis. It’s about His reflection in me from the inside out.

I’m prone to letting the “everydayness” of life set in, and dull my passion for the true meaning of Easter until it is politely called a casual indifference. Then here Easter comes again as a reminder of the incomparable act of love that drove Christ to the cross to pay for my sins through His death, burial, and resurrection.

During this Easter time of reflection called Lent, I have either learned or been reminded of these things: Easter is still a special occasion. Christ gave me new clothes to wear and reflect Him from the inside out. I am not a hand-me-down, I am brand new. I was carefully planned for years in advance and His great pleasure toward me is evident in His love for me. My price was costly as He spared no expense to make me His. Christ looked forward to redeeming me. He thinks I’m worth it. I am His masterpiece skillfully and carefully designed. I feel His pleasure mirrored in me when I use the gifts He lavished on me. Christ loves me as I am, and because He loves me, doesn’t allow me to go unchanged by His love.

How is Easter something you look forward to?

What has Easter taught you or reminded you of?