Why We Need You

By Brittany Daugherty


"...when the story of earth is told, all that will be remembered is the truth we exchanged. The vulnerable moments. The terrifying risk of love and the care we took to cultivate it. 
And all the rest, the distracting noises of insecurity and the flattery and the flashbulbs will flicker out like a turned-off television."  -Donald Miller, Scary Close 


If you haven't been stuck in a car outside an elementary school pick-up line, quite frankly...you're among the few still sane in this world. But if you're like the rest of us, you know what that 20 minute standstill is good for. All those texts. Just as many stray eyebrow hairs. (What is it with daylight bringing those suckers front and center?) Screaming toddlers who throw sippy cups at the dashboard. And of course, catching up with the other soldiers in the trenches. I like to call us moms. 

It was on such a day, as I was likely checking my teeth, that I spotted her. I knew her car from when our girls weren't in kindergarten. Before they dumped their Crayolas into a big bin together. Back when they wore pink tights and tutus and were barely potty-trained. Back when we each only had the two children.  

I waited for her to look up, the timing of this particular social medium still a mystery to me. Eventually her head turned and I shot my hand in the air like I had suddenly noticed her too. But she didn't wave back. Oh, she didn't see me, I thought. Except we quit talking. She wouldn't return my texts. News traveled that they were moving. And I was crushed.

 It can be daunting, can't it? Friendship isn't always like those flowing beach novels. It isn't as faithful as a Thursday night sitcom from the nineties. We try, we get hurt, and somewhere deep inside we make a vow to never let it happen again.

"...it is a surrender. We open up to another person, and to God, our particular questions and dilemmas." -Emilie Griffin, Small Surrenders

It would be a tragedy if we were to stay safe. My heart, your heart is beautiful. And it is desperately needed in this culture. Even the parts you don't like about yourself, they are a piece of the beauty too because something incredible happens when we say we struggle, fail. It allows another the freedom to say, "Me too." It allows the Spirit to start changing and growing us. 

"How can we be loved if we are always hiding?" -Donald Miller, Scary Close

When we offer the wisdom of our life experiences and the truth of our inadequacies we harvest an intimacy with someone who will be there when tragedy strikes and are brought to our knees. We share a bond that pushes us beyond stagnant faith. We live out the love of the gospel, because don't think for a minute it won't stretch us to also love well in our communities. 

 Been hurt? It's okay. We all have.