He is Chasing Me

By Vickie Yandell

Ever felt apart from God?  Ever felt you are alone?  Ever asked “Where is He?”

I have and I don’t always like the feeling ….…

…………………..as I read Psalm 23 today I was drawn to the last verse:

Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. Psalm23:6     (The Message)

I have always thought I find God wherever I go and that He will always be by my side but this verse hints of something a little different.  THE LORD IS CHASING AFTER ME!!  It hints that I am not always in His presence but I can be assured He is always chasing me or following me.

What an encouraging verse……….He is seeking me out………..He is desperate to be with me…..He is the creator of the universe and He wants to be my friend and spend time with me….His love is running after me.  Does that make your heart full and make you humble? Does it transform your heart in some way?

In the devotional Small Surrenders Emile Griffin shares one of the great religious love poems by Frances Thompson - “The Hound of Heaven”.  Frances Thompson was a famous English poet of the 1800s who lived a short but inspirational life.  He was an educated man who suffered mental illness, poverty and many struggles along with being a drug addict and panhandler. But he wrote beautiful poetry that expressed a deep religious vision.

The poem offers a picture of the poet himself in flight from the love of God, with God in hot pursuit. The central metaphor of God as “the hound of heaven” is well known today, far better known today than the poem itself.

This chase is about repentance and reconciliation.  Thompson needs to forgive himself for his past and his lost years, the things done wrong and things left undone…………….…….and in the end he finds God’s love and forgiveness are enough.  God has not waited for the poet come to come back to him, but passionately sought him out and chased him down – He is portrayed as a tender God!

In those lonely times just know that He loves you and chases after you……read “The Hound of Heaven” and be prepared for a sweet reminder the Chase of His transforming love!